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10 reasons Black Ops 2 could be Treyarch's best ever

Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 looks promising, the so-called B-Team finally stepped out of the shadow of Infinity Ward with the first Black Ops, a game that relied as much on unpredictible narrative twists as much as it did on bombastic explosions. Its follow-up could be the studio's best game ever, maybe even the best Call of Duty ever. Here's why...

Out of the Woods


Black Ops rightly won plaudits for its novel storytelling format (for what's always been regarded as a straight shooter series, the daring mix of interrogation scenes and flashbacks worked very well) and Treyarch know they struck gold with this setup. Black Ops II takes a similar approach to its tale, only this time, it's surviving veteran Woods who takes centre stage as he recalls past missions in a meeting with 2025's protagonist David Mason.

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