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Video: 10 Things to do in Skyrim before you die

Find the Giant Mudcrab, discover hidden treasure, perform a huge dive and more

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7. Cross the Fallen Tree Bridge

Stone bridges are all well and good, but if you want to cross a gaping chasm in style then you need to hop on the trunk of a huge fallen tree. Found southwest of Windhelm, near Cradlecrush Rock and Fort Amol is the perfect section of timber for this purpose.

In the middle of the trunk you'll find a hunter chilling out, and although they become hostile when you approach you can easily send them tumbling to the waters below with a quick FUS-RO-DAH! Not only does the Fallen Tree Bridge offer superb views of the waterfall and surrounding area, but it also provides a shortcut across the valley without having to travel all the way back down to the river.

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