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Daily Digest: Five developer excuses even worse than Phil Fish's

Phil Fish's indie studio Polytron has opted not to release a patch for Fez to address a critical bug that can corrupt save files. Why? Because it'll cost him and his studio thousands of dollars to re-certify the game.

According to Fish, a game-breaking bug only affects one per cent of players and, as a small independent developer, paying so much money to fix it "makes no sense".

We've already made it clear we think the excuse, to borrow a phrase he once used, just sucks. But it also gave us an idea.

Game developers and publishers both big and small have been trying to pull the wool over eyes with excuses for years, with varying degrees of success. Found below are some of our favourite terrible excuses.

From Dust to DRM


When it published Eric Chahi's god game From Dust Ubisoft snuck in DRM that required players to be constantly connected to the internet. What annoyed fans the most though was Ubi's constant backtracking and misinformation. First it said it wouldn't include any DRM, then it said the game would require a one-off online activation.

When players discovered the game needed an active internet connection to launch it made a collective pouty face, took to the internet and demanded answers. Ubi responded by saying the fact that From Dust launched with always-on DRM was a "misunderstanding".

Misunderstanding? As in you told the intern to make sure the 'Include always-on DRM' tick box isn't checked but your voice was drowned out by all that French trance music those crrrrrrazy developers love to pump out over the speakers, so he misheard and thought you said make sure the box is checked? That kind?

No. Nice try though..

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