Skyrim: Rags to Riches - Part 4 of our quest for fame and fortune

Days 13-16: Olaf gets naked, beats someone up, and meets the love of his life

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Day 15 - Morndas, 31st of Last Seed

We get up early and walk back to Solitude to take the carriage to Riften. We feel like a change of scenery, and the golden autumnal forests around there will be heaving with animals to hunt.

When we arrive at the Riften city gates, a guard tries to shake us down for some money. He says it's a tax for visitors. Something seems suspicous about this, and we know Riften is a den of thieves and other n'er-do-wells, so we persuade the guard to let us off, otherwise we'll cause a stink and tell the Jarl. He tells us to keep our voice down and apologetically unlocks the gate.


We ignore the shady characters lurking around Riften's streets and head for the Bee and Barb, a local tavern. Inside a fella called Maramal is preaching to the revelers, telling them to abandon their boozy ways and worship Mara, the goddess of love. We talk to Maramal and he tells us that to get married in Skyrim, you need to wear an amulet of Mara and approach someone who's interested in you. We buy one for 200 gold, 'cause you never know who you might bump into.

We try the amulet on for size. If Olaf gets a wife, he'll be able to live in her house (if she has one), and she'll even cook meals for him. That'll be a massive money saver. The problem is, most NPCs can only be married if you complete a quest for them, and that's against Olaf's rules. For example, to marry the girl in the Riverwood general store you have to recover the golden claw from Bleak Falls Barrow. That's a little bit beyond Olaf's skill set. But who knows...

Gold: 2294


Day 16 - Tirdas, 1st of Hearthfire

We leave Riften to explore the surrounding forests, and end up crossing a mountain into Eastmarch. This is a beautiful, strange landscape made up of hot springs and sulphur-spewing cracks in the ground. As we're rambling we find a group of hunters relaxing in the hot water, stripped to their underwear. They don't seem to mind us being there, even when we strip Olaf down and splash around in the water with them.

Onwards through Eastmarch. There are a lot of wolves around, but before we even get a chance to shoot them, Cabbage has run in and torn them apart. He's definitely coming in useful, and saving us from having to constantly restock arrows. At one point he wanders dangerously close to a giant's camp, but they kill the wolves and leave our pooch alone. This is a stunningly pretty area, but a bit light on wildlife.


The cracked, arid landscape suddenly gives way to a lush forest. We come across Mixwater Mill, a small mill that seems to be abandoned. Unable to pass up the chance to chop the hell out of some wood, we spot a stump and carve up some firewood. Who are we going to sell it too, though? We might have to carry it to a nearby general store.

Just as we're about to leave the mill behind, we spot an unlocked house and poke our head in. The owner, an Imperial lady called Gilfre, is inside, cooking something at the stove. We sell her the firewood, then notice that another conversation option has appeared. We're confused until we remember that we're still wearing the Amulet of Mara...

Gold: 2094

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