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Human Element prequel is Ouya's first exclusive

Robert Bowling first to commit to the new Android console

Former Call of Duty community man Robert Bowling and his newly-formed developer Robotoki have become the first to commit to an Ouya-exclusive game.


Robotoki will release a prequel to Human Element exclusively on Ouya - his post-zombie apocalypse title expected in 2015.

According to the Ouya Kickstarter page, the Ouya title will be "an episodic prequel that will set the stage for [Bowling's] eventual release of Human Element in 2015".

In an accompanying video, Bowling says Human Element will be set years after a zombie apocalypse, and that the Ouya prequel will allow players to experience the zombie apocalypse itself that transformed the world.

Bowling also expresses his excitement for Ouya. "When I first saw Ouya I was super excited. So excited that I was one of the first people to donate personally $10,000 to the cause. And with 40,000 people already backing Ouya, I know I'm not alone," he said.

[ SOURCE: Kickstarter ]