Rage 2: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

While John Carmack, id Software's resident mad genius, spent the majority of E3 running around showing off his homemade VR goggles and shouting about how virtual reality gaming is the future, those at the studio not chasing pies in the sky have been knuckling down and working on something Rage related.

Id Software's studio director Tim Willits has said the developer hasn't forgotten about Rage and actually has "a few things" it may announce soon. Sensible people will deduce it's likely to be 'Rage: The Scorchers', a downloadable content pack that was first hinted at by a PEGI rating.

Fortunately, we're not that sensible and this feature is called 'What we want to see' not 'What we will probably see' or 'What we'll settle for' and we've got our hearts set on a fully-fledged sequel. Rage had the makings of something special, but ultimately didn't live up to potential. With any luck id intends to take a second crack at it, so we've put together a list of what we want in a sequel.

Let us know what you want from Rage 2 in comments below.

Clean It Up


Rage was an impressive looking game in its broad strokes. The Virtual Texturing technology developed by Carmack allowed the studio to place detailed textures as large as 128000128000 pixels on the world's terrain and character models, instead of repeating multiple smaller textures.

Perched atop a rocky cliff, gazing out upon the dusty desert wasteland the world looked stunning, but wander over to an innocuous magazine lying on the ground, lean in for a closer look and you were greeted by something that looked liked it had been dunked in a vat of vaseline.

Admittedly, this discrepancy was partly a result of the trade-off that afforded a silky smooth, 60 frames-per-second shooting experience, and PC players were satiated somewhat with a patch that cleaned up the muddy textures a bit. However, console players went without and had to put up with pop-in and numerous other issues to boot.

For the next game we'd like to get the best of both worlds and get stunning visuals and buttery smooth shooting at the same time, hopefully id is working on optimising the engine for both consoles and PC. The studio houses some of the smartest minds in the industry, we reckon they can pull it off.

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