Around the Network - late July edition

All the best gaming and tech headlines from around the web

It's late July and despite the release schedule being drier than an acerbic Frenchman's wit, our ladies and gentlemen of games and tech have been labouring manfully and womanfully to bring you the very best of what's happening on the web this week. Herein you'll find everything from a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review, to the nine sexiest RPG classes and even a Borderlands 2 - Walkthrough with Gearbox's Randy Pitchford. Enjoy, they're ideal ways to waste a bit of time whilst improve your specialist knowledge. We'll see you next week.

Tesco Tech

Tech guide to the Olympics
Is it the end for games consoles?


Panasonic Lumix LX7 review: Hands-on
Volvo V60 D6 Plug-in Hybrid review: Hands-on

Games Radar

The worst countries in the world to be a gamer
11 things you couldn't possibly know about 3DS XL (unless you've got one)

Tech Radar

Office 2013 review
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 review


The 20 most expensive Nintendo games of all time
The ten "best" (worst) religious games in Nintendo history

Official PlayStation

7 game that need PlayStation 4 now
Is Battlefield 4 coming to PS4? (And 7 other questions EA needs to answer)

Official Xbox

Minecraft Xbox 360: eight astonishing piston-powered creations
Power-levelling: the nine sexiest RPG classes

Golden Joysticks

Assassin's Creed 3 gameplay: Boston Walkthrough
Borderlands 2 - Randy Pitchford Walkthrough