Daily Digest: Five reasons why Gamescom can still shine without GTA 5

CVG lists the huge announcements, cheeky rumours and big games set for Cologne

We'll start with the bad news: CVG revealed earlier today that Grand Theft Auto V will not be shown at this year's Gamescom event in Cologne.

However, there's much to be announced and demonstrated at the show that'll keep any upstanding gamer interested.

Below are our five big things to look out for at Europe's biggest trade event.

1. Sony will unveil the Super Slim PS3


Word is that Sony's Gamescom press conference is going to be a bigger deal than its respectable E3 outing. CVG knows for certain that the PS3 Super Slim will be announced at the event, based on what a publishing source told us, and new games aplenty will be demonstrated.

There's also another big franchise that's going to be announced for PS Vita, though we're duty-bound not to say any more than that.

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