Dyad could get a release on the PS Vita

'Only if it's free and good' says creator Shawn McGrath

Fans of the new PSN racer are already asking if it will be ported to the Vita, with developer Shawn McGrath saying that it's a possibility.


During a PlayStation Blogcast, McGrath revealed that Dyad would only make it to the Vita on two conditions: "it doesn't suck, and is free if the PS3 version has been purchased."

McGrath admits that porting it to the Vita will be difficult considering the visuals are already "overwhelming" on the PS3, bringing them to a 5-inch screen won't be a walk in the park.

The possibility of Dyad seeing a Vita release is still a strong one though, but McGrath is adamant that it will only be released if it is good, and if it's free once the PS3 version has been purchased.

McGrath says that his work on Dyad is done, and that he'd feel bad charging gamers twice for the same game.