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BLOG: Yes, Kinect registers the c-bomb on FIFA 13

Contrary to existing methods of Kinect integration, the FIFA 13 team at EA Sports decided against implementing various arm gestures for issuing instructions and so on. It seems that nobody wants to mimic Rafael Benitez's touchline arm-flailing unless it's a visual gag.

Ultimately it was agreed that instead players could issue commands "on the fly" with their voices - shouting tactical changes, substitutions and such - through Kinect's microphone. People were interested indeed. But they were more interested in FIFA 13's capacity to register explicit words.

Now, in what appears to be an exclusive interview with CVG, FIFA 13's executive producer David Rutter was asked how far up the profanity league players can go.

Turns out, according to Rutter, it goes as high as the c-bomb; a bread-and-butter noun for strident season-ticket holders, which we imagine will have a rough ride going through QA and certification. You can read more about how profanity is Better With KinectTM here.