BLOG: NASA is taking Portal 2 into space, space, spaaaaaaaace!

An anonymous NASA engineer has engraved one of the panels of the Japanese HTV-3 resupply craft headed to the International Space Station with a little image of a personality core from Portal 2, along with the phrase "In spaaaaaaace!". Very cool.

Here's what Valve had to say about it: "Mankind will surely regret giving Wheatley a celestial perch to plot his next move, we here at Valve are mostly just impressed with NASA's bold, unprecedented resupply craft numbering scheme"

We agree, we're definitely going to regret that.


Hang on! Wheatley? That can't be right. Surely Valve isn't going to snatch the opportunity to finally be amongst the stars away from the space core. After all, no one is as enthusiastic about the cold, unwelcoming depths of space as much as the space core. He's the best at space...

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