BLOG: Genuinely amazing Kinect rival for PCs might even make Half-Life 2 more fun

Motion control is the future of gaming...again! A new device called 'Leap' offers an unparalelled motion control experience! It can track all ten of your fingers to deep sub-milimeter levels in 3D! It's going to change the way we interact with computers!


Still not sold? Yeah, If I'm being honest I'm not either, but that's only because I've been burned before for buying into motion control hype. The cat is currently using the PS Move as a chew toy and Kinect can't come to terms with my sloping ceiling.

But, I'll admit that this looks very promising. The level of fidelity is really impressive and the Half-Life 2 demo shown in the video below indicates it could have interesting implications for games.

At the very least Leap will take us one step closer to realising the gesture based interface shown in Minority Report. I'm willing to cough up $70 for that.

Check it out:

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