FIFA team in no rush for next gen consoles

EA Canada yet to experience the technological limitations of current systems

FIFA 13 executive producer David Rutter has said EA Canada's not currently working on next generation entries in the footy series.


In a newly published FIFA 13 interview, he told CVG that everything his team has wanted to achieve to date has been more than possible on existing hardware.

"For the FIFA team, we haven't got to a point where anything we've wanted to include in the game hasn't been possible. In the past when we've decided not to include something it has not been because of technological limitations.

"So we're still doing some pretty amazing things in our game for current generation technology. We are in a great position to approach technologies in a very modular way; essentially ripping out features and adding new ones in.

"All of this was possible because the way our game code is structured. So, theoretically, we could adapt to such things on more powerful systems. But it's not something we're doing at the moment."

Asked how the FIFA team would like to utilise the extra memory and processing speed of next gen systems, Rutter said:

"Well I know what everyone wants us to do, which is make the crowds look good. Our crowds are not that great, but improving them is not a priority on our list of things we need to do. Having more power would probably allow us to do that as well as a number of different things, but for now we are just focused on our current project."

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