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Uniloc founder responds to 'disgusting' Minecraft fan emails

Firm suing Mojang takes swipe at 'strong language and press accusations'

Ric Richardson, founder of Uniloc - the firm suing Mojang for patent infringement - has defended the company in responded to a bombardment of 'disgusting emails' from Minecraft fans.


"I awoke this morning to a large number of emails and tweets decrying Uniloc's actions regarding a law suit against Swedish firm Mojang," Richardson said on his blog.

"Firstly, besides having shares in Uniloc this has little else to do with me. The disputed patent is not mine, and I have had no communication with the company about the matter," he clarified, before responding directly to the "strong language and accusations being thrown around on twitter, in the press and some rather disgusting emails sent to me personally".

He went on, "From the first day the importance of patents was explained to me I have tried to act responsibly with the trust given to me by the many people who gave their time, effort and investment to help insure the technologies ultimate success.

"One expression that comes to my mind is the saying that having a great technology without a patent is like having a Lamborghini and leaving the keys in it," reasons Richardson.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson said over the weekend that software patents were "evil", which Richardson appears to respond to with his following statements.

"Well I'm sorry if you don't think its right to protect yourself. I think it's irresponsible to involve others in an enterprise when you don't do everything you reasonably can to protect their interests as well as your own," he said.

"Just think about the logic here. The people complaining about the law suits here are complaining that a company is trying to protect it's own right to make a living from a technology that the patent office has verified as unique and novel. If you disagree then track the patent office and voice your problems with the patents as they are published.

"It amazes me that people complain about paying a royalty for a technology that stops up to a third of a software company's sales from being lost to piracy. What are you saying? 'Its all right to steal from Uniloc as long as it helps stop pirates stealing from me?'"

In response to the aforementioned personal email attacks he received, Richardson says, "I am not a patent troll. I am the inventor of the 216 patent. I worked nearly two decades to make the technology a success. I am not a money hungry megalomaniac."

"In fact it has been well documented that my wife and I like to keep our life pretty simple and have dedicated all our non essential resources to a cause we support."

Note that the 216 patent isn't the one in question for the Mojang case.

Thanks Eurogamer.

[ SOURCE: Ric Richardson Blog ]