German advocacy group sets ultimatum for Diablo 3

No offline mode? Let's sue!

Fans were never happy with the fact that Diablo III required a constant internet connection, but Germany seems to have taken it one step further by threatening legal action.


A German consumer advocacy group has given Blizzard a simple ultimatum: alter the Diablo III packaging to reflect the game's online requirement by July 27, or face court.

The German PC Gamer website has reported that the Federation of Consumer Organisations has issued Blizzard with a deadline to change the packaging of Diablo III to state that a constant internet connection is required.

If Blizzard makes no response by July 27, it is understood that the organisation will take the matter to court.

The organisation had previously targeted Diablo III due to the amount of downtime at launch, which Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime responded with the fact that demand for the game was underestimated which brought about the infamous Error 37.

The German advocacy group is now more concerned with the fact that Blizzard has failed to inform the buyer that you must always be connected to the internet.

Do you think the packaging of Diablo III should have included the fact that a constant internet connection is needed? Do you think the advocacy group is right to pursue legal action should the packaging not be modified?