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Kinect 2: MS hiring for 'next-gen Natural User Interface' development

Next-generation Kinect development seemingly in full swing

It looks like Microsoft is in the midst of a big recruitment drive for development on its next-generation Kinect technology.


A job ad for a Software Development Engineer asks, "Do you want to work on the future of Natural User Input as a member of the team that *shipped* Kinect for the Xbox 360?"

It adds, "The Xbox Platform Team is gearing up towards the next generation of Natural User Interface (NUI) technologies. We are the convergence zone of MSR, Incubation, Game Developers and the XBOX Platform, providing the building blocks for exciting new NUI experiences."

Microsoft's research labs in Haifa, Israel, is also after a senior electronic engineer to help with "various future NUI applications".

"If you are passionate for electronic design of 3D imaging cameras which will serve millions throughout the world, we are offering a unique and great opportunity for talented people, to help us build and ensure our products meets the highest standards," reads the listing.

C'mon, who isn't passionate for electronic design of 3D imaging cameras?

Meanwhile, a post for a software development engineer says enthusiastically, "The world has watched us ship some incredible products...the best is yet to come!"

Leaked Xbox 720 design documents indicated that MS plans for Kinect 2 to exist as two separate camera sensors mounted on either side of your TV, enhancing its depth perception accuracy and allowing for up to four players (over the current Kinect's two players).