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Resident Evil 6: The First 15 Hours

Biohazard veteran Ben Griffin plays all three story threads in Capcom's biggest game ever

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Two things cross my mind. One: aaaahh! Two: the zombies look different. She, along with 70,000 other Americans, is infected with the new C-virus. After a zombie girl QTE then a cathartic car park shootout, it's off to China to clear my head. With five hours left on the clock, up steps Chris Redfield. This is the campaign for thrill-seekers. Barely a second elapses without the opportunity to shred something with a PKM or a Heckler and Koch UPM, or get stabby with a giant serrated knife.


It's still in the balance as to whether this Frankenstein's monster of gameplay styles works

Chris, now BSAA captain, along with fellow agent Piers Nivans, is seeking a VIP in fictional Chinese coastal town Lanshiang. My chopper lands and I set off, sending a J'avo, the baddies you'll fight in bulk, sprawling over a high-rise railing. After turning 180 degrees and dodging away, putting fluid new controls to task, three more J'avo flank me. The ceramic mask-wearing foes are similar to RE5's spontaneously mutating Manjini, sprouting icky limbs, tentacles, spines and even wings. They're smart enough to wield weapons, as I found out upon clearing a gap and almost getting decimated by an RPG.


Next, I've got to shimmy across a pole with quick taps of a while Piers provides cover fire. It's a tantalising glimpse at better co-op moments, but on this occasion I get the raw end of the deal wrapped up in a QTE. My 15 hours is topped off with a "hold your position" climax as teammates take their sweet time arriving. A fitting ending, when you think about it. Just as Chris held his position, so too are Capcom maintaining Resi's genre-defying status as a bubbling mix of features culled from East and West. Currently, Resident Evil 6's action sections are too close in (leading to jerky camera twists) and too linear, but Leon's classic survival horror sections redeem it.


As it stands, Capcom's Frankenstein's monster of gameplay styles is teetering in the balance. We can't wait to play more, and see how it holds together in the full story context.

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