Modern Warfare 4 headed to next-gen, hints IW dev CV

Infinity Ward engineer lets slip on 'TBA' platforms for next CoD

A CV belonging to an Infinity Ward software engineer suggests that the studio's next Call of Duty game will release on both current and next-gen consoles.


It's a connecting-the-dots-style conclusion, but the CV of Infinity Ward's Andrew Aye, a lead engineer and project manager, says that he's working on an "Unannounced Title".

As Kotaku notes, we have to assume this title is a Call of Duty game, and more specifically we'd expect it to be Modern Warfare 4, and to release in late 2013 - in keeping with the series' annual release schedule.

Aye goes on to list platforms for the game; XB2 (Xbox 360), PS3, PC DX11, and "TBA" - which could point to Microsoft and/or Sony's still 'to be announced' next-generation consoles.

It says later in the CV that Aye is working to "support game and engine development", and is "responsible for setting technical direction and design for a new high-end DX11 code base".

This adds to previous evidence - thanks to other revealing Infinity Ward CVs - of a next-gen destination for the studio's in-the-making project.

Given CoD's seemingly unrelenting yearly release schedule, this also offers more evidence of a 2013 release for at least one high-end next-gen console.

Besides 'Teh Graffiks', what improvements would you hope to see in a next-generation Call of Duty?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]