The summer buyer's guide: The best games of 2012 (so far)

Our top 30 games revealed - and their cheapest prices

Summer 2012 is here: the sun is shining, the birds are singing... which means your games console is likely doing nothing but gathering dust and booting up Skyrim for the millionth time.

The fact is unless, you're John Terry's solicitor, you've probably not been able to afford the roster of brilliant Xbox 360, PS3, PC, 3DS and PS Vita games that have already released in 2012.

To help give you something to do other than *shudder* go outside and spend your money on piņa coladas, we've put together the essential list of 2012's best games so far, mostly based on CVG's own review scores but also where number clashes apply, our own personal opinions.

We've also put our shopping hats on and scoped out the best prices for each title.

It's worth noting that we've tried to avoid game ports, compilations and DLC from our list. Don't agree with our rankings? Vote for your favourite games of 2012 so far in our new feature.


Twisted Metal

Format: PS3 | CVG Twisted Metal review: 8.0 | Cheapest price: £28, Amazon


Imperfect, unapologetic fan service - but it feels good, dazzles visually, and has plenty of rose-tinted charm. A worthy last hurrah for the series? Your wish is granted.


Mario Tennis Open - 8.0

Format: 3DS | CVG Mario Tennis Open review: 8.0 | Cheapest price: £25, ShopTo


"It's Mario - playing tennis! The special moves might be a tad too powerful, but otherwise the plumber serves up a well-aimed slice of sporting fun."


Yakuza Dead Souls

Format: PS3 | CVG Yakuza Dead Souls review: 8.0 | Cheapest price: £13, Amazon


"It's the equivalent of a shrapnel grenade rather than single, well-placed sniper bullet. Bits will miss, others will lodge themselves deep."


Prototype 2

Format: Multi | CVG Prototype 2 review: 8.0 | Cheapest price: £27, ShopTo

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"There's an abundance of weak missions and a daft storyline, but the free-running and combat are a joy - plus, it's fantastically bloody throughout."



Format: PS3 | CVG Starhawk review: 8.0 | Cheapest price: £39, TheHut


"Largely lifeless campaign lets the overall package down a bit, but multiplayer more than makes up for it"

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