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The summer buyer's guide: The best games of 2012 (so far)

Our top 30 games revealed - and their cheapest prices

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Shank 2

Format: Multi | CVG Shank 2 review: 8.5 | Cheapest price: £8, Steam


"A refinement of the original and a gruesome excuse to dice with death and rack up high scores. A short, bloody rollercoaster which mostly impresses."


UFC Undisputed 3

Format: Multi | CVG UFC Undisputed 3 review: 8.5 | Cheapest price: £18, Amazon


"Pride mode, the streamlined career, and an abundance of core gameplay tweaks make this a worthy sequel. But if you're expecting a radical makeover, you might be disappointed."


Kinect Star Wars

Format: Xbox 360 | CVG Kinect Star Wars review: 8.5 | Cheapest price: £23, Amazon


"Cynicism leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads you to not enjoy the best Star Wars game in years. Suspend disbelief and cast aside aspersions - you'll have a riot."


The Last Story

Format: Wii | CVG Last Story Wii review: 8.5 | Cheapest price: £30, ShopTo

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"Lively combat and fun scenario design plaster over the narrative cracks. Not the glorious last hurrah we'd hoped for, but as fun as Wii games are going to be in a dry 2012."


Lumines Electronic Symphony

Format: Vita | CVG Lumines Vita review: 8.5 | Cheapest price: £15, Zavvi


"A judicious update of Mizuguchi's Tetris-with-knobs-on game, which makes sensible use of the Vita's diverse input mechanisms and introduces even greater strategic depth."

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