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The summer buyer's guide: The best games of 2012 (so far)

Our top 30 games revealed - and their cheapest prices

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Format: Multi | CVG SSX review: 9.0 | Cheapest price: £20, Amazon

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"A beautiful, expertly crafted compromise between nostalgia and evolution - despite the gargantuan scale, it's never less than incredible fun."


Resident Evil Revelations

Format: 3DS | CVG Resident Evil Revelations review: 9.0 | Cheapest price: £28,

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"A tasty blend of traditional Resi spooks and modern action pacing that, despite a few action hiccups, remains one of the most satisfying uses of 3DS hardware to date. The third-party game to beat."



Format: XBLA | CVG Fez review: 9.0


"Fez is more a curio you tinker and toy with and hold up to the light until it makes sense, because boy, like Braid's play on time and Limbo's gravity fun, contemplating 2D and 3D space is a tricky concept to grasp."


Diablo 3

Format: PC | CVG Diablo 3 review: 9.0 | Cheapest price: £32, Amazon


"One of the most madly addictive RPGs of recent years. A modern game with an old school feel, that really shines when played with buddies in co-op."



Format: PSN | CVG Journey review: 9.0

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"Journey is an enigma, both keenly directed and liberatingly open. It's occasionally impenetrable, but that's the price of mystery. A short trip, but one to cherish."

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