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Retailer puts Microsoft Surface price at £650

Online listing suggests Microsoft might not be competing with rivals on price

The cheapest version of Microsoft's Surface tablet could cost as much as £650, according to an online retail listing.


As spotted by WP Central, Swedish retailer Webhallen is currently taking pre-orders for the entry-level 32GB Surface model for 6,990 Krona (£648.50).

The price may only be a placeholder, but it's worth noting that a new 32GB Wi-Fi iPad will currently set you back around £479.00, while the 3G model costs £579.00.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said earlier this month that the company plans to turn up the heat on Apple by competing in all areas of technological innovation, beginning with its current focus on Surface, which is slated for release later this year.

While it's not yet clear how, Xbox executive Don Mattrick has revealed that Halo 4 will work with Surface in some form.