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Daily Digest: Five other bombshell Gabe Newell quotes


Listening to Gabe Newell speak at length is a bit like watching Inception. The Valve president is so farcically intelligent that in a single speech he will draw together several layers of increasingly complex theories whilst still giving the impression that he's comfortably progressing to a coherent conclusion.

Often when he talks, I've noticed, he throws in an underused visual metaphor like "islands of entertainment" to bring a bit of layman's relief to his increasingly convoluted sentence structures.

And, then, like a train colliding through a traffic jam, Gabe will at some random moment deliver a trailblazing comment that brings carnage to news rooms and spins the games industry on its head.

His comments about Windows 8 being "a catastrophe" were today the most read item on BBC News. That on the same days as London was gripped by Olympics fever and pressure was applied on the Prime Minister to consider George Osborne's position as second-in-command.

Whenever Gabe speaks, a Hans Zimmer soundtrack should be playing in the background.

Here are five of his biggest bombshell quotes.

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