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Gran Turismo 6: Yamauchi pursuing the 'latest technology' for sim sequel

GT creator also teases a portable-focused Gran Turismo Vita

Kazunori Yamauchi has spoken out on Gran Turismo 6 and the possibility of a Gran Turismo game on Vita at a recent event in China.


Speaking at a Gran Turismo signing set up to tie in with the China Joy game event in Beijing, Yamauchi told fans that work on 'the framework' of Gran Turismo 6 kicked off immediately after the studio finished Gran Turismo 5.

Yamauchi confirmed as much back in 2010, but left fans to speculate whether the game will arrive on PS3 or the next-gen PlayStation 4. Here's something to consider as you ponder over that: "We're always aiming for the latest technology and the latest expression," he assured fans at the Beijing event.

Yamauchi was later pushed to discuss the possibility of a Gran Turismo on Vita.

"If we were to make it, we'd like to make use of the ability to play anywhere and the ability to use 3G at any time," he said, widely evading giving away any real information.

We don't care what connectivity functions it uses so long as it's a far better game than the frankly offensive PSP version.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]