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Around the Network - the late July edition

All the best gaming and tech headlines from around the web

So it's finally here, today's the day when a global audience of billions finally gets to tune in and sample all that's best about Britain. But enough already about Around the Network, we don't need no praise, we're just happy to serve. As per usual the ladies and gents of gaming and tech have been scouring the internet high and low to bring you the finest selection of content morsels and tasty tidbits for your reading delectation. So enjoy, oh and apparently there's some kind of sporting opening event on today too. Can't see that catching on...

Games Radar
GamesRadar UK Podcast
13 video game alternatives to boring summer activities

Nintendo Gamer
The ten most blatant ads in retro gaming
The complete history of Batman video games on Nintendo

Official Nintendo Magazine
8 New Super Mario Bros 2 facts
5 new ZombiU facts

Official PlayStation Magazine
The greatest PlayStation characters of all time as voted for by YOU
8 Silver Age DC villains Rocksteady need in a Batman Arkham prequel

Official Xbox 360 Magazine
GTA 5 details: all the hard facts, rumours and speculation in one place
Best Xbox 360 games: multiplayer hits you might have missed

OS X Mountain Lion review
Google Nexus 7: FULL review

Tesco Tech

Why touch in Microsoft Office is important
Our pick of the best Olympic 2012 apps

Tech Radar
HTC Desire C review
Hands on: Canon EOS M review