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PAYDAY: The Heist - L4D-themed 'Mercy Hospital' DLC trailer

Gameplay sneak peek at the Left 4 Dead tie-in

Developer Overkill has released the latest DLC pack for PAYDAY: The Heist - a new level set inside the hospital in Left 4 Dead's 'No Mercy' campaign.


The new stage lets you take part in a heist in the recognisable hospital, with cameos and other L4D-themed easter eggs to discover.

Valve recently sought to clear up any 'confusion' in confirming that the new DLC is not an official prequel to Left 4 Dead, but is simply them "just us having some fun with a studio we are friends with and who have also made a great co-op game".

The new DLC is available now to all PC owners of PAYDAY. Here's a new gameplay trailer.

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