Leaked Xbox 720 dev kit images may be real

Report claims "AAA" devs confirm authenticity

A report by Digital Foundry suggests images of an alleged Xbox 720 development kit could be real.


According to the report, images of the dev kit - originally posted as a sale item on the Assembler Games developer forums - have been verified as real by Digital Foundry's unnamed industry sources working on "AAA next-gen games".

The Durango Devkit doesn't look anything like a console - instead, it's a generic PC tower case presumably housing hardware similar to the 720's specs. Digital Foundry spoke with the forum member responsible for the Durango listing, who claimed the kits were delivered to studios in February.

The forum poster also provided a screenshot from a programming application made for Durango, which Digital Foundry's sources did not dispute were authentic.

[ SOURCE: Digital Foundry / Eurogamer ]