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New Super Mario Bros. 2 review round-up: Another gold star for Nintendo?

All the New Super Mario Bros. 2 review scores in one place...

In our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review we said it's "yet another great Mario platform game, with some cracking new features".

However, our reviewer dinged Mario's latest romp for being "too similar to earlier games in the 'New' series", which has held it back from becoming a classic in its own right.

As always we'll be collecting up all the reviews as they appear online and updating the list below. Take a look.

  • CVG: 8.0 - With its obsessive focus on coin collecting, New Super Mario Bros. 2 does a few things differently to its predecessor, but not enough to stand tall as its own game. It's a fine companion piece to the original DS game, however, and one that's likely to reside in your 3DS for quite some time.
  • Official Nintendo Magazine: 90% - Super Mario 3D Land remains the best Mario adventure on 3DS so far, thanks to its more effective use of 3D, its greater longevity and its wider range of experiences. A solid if not surprising Mario game that's still worth getting.
  • The Guardian: 4/5 - New Super Mario Bros 2 may not do anything we haven't seen in a game before, but it oozes such quality from every pixel that if you don't derive pleasure from playing it, no matter what your age or gender, it's difficult to think of any game that would satisfy you.
  • Eurogamer Spain: 9/10 - Taking New Super Mario Bros. 2 as the spin-off that is (a shot of nostalgia, a handshake with the classic platforms), is easily one of the most enjoyable games of the current catalog of Nintendo 3DS. It's two steps ahead of New Super Mario Bros. in almost everything, and at least one above 3D Super Mario Land. Lovers of the platforms, Mario fans or not, will not be disappointed at all, it's a happy game, amazing, fun.