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Nintendo 3DS XL 'sells 200,000 units across Japan in first two days'

New handheld thrives on opening weekend; New Super Mario Bros 2 shifts extraordinary 430k units

In the space of two days Nintendo has sold about 200,000 units of its new 3DS XL handheld across Japan, according to official retail estimates.


Early reports suggest that the enlarged handheld, which launched in Japan on July 28th, has sold an estimated 193,000 units domestically.

By comparison, in November 2009 Nintendo sold about 100,000 DSi XL units during the handheld's first two days a launch.

A year prior, Nintendo released the DSi - during a period when the handheld market's strength was rarely questioned - and the system sold about 170,000 units during its opening weekend.

The 3DS XL sales figures, published in Famitsu, come days after Nintendo announced it has sold some 19 million 3DS systems into retail worldwide.

The handheld launched along with Nintendo's latest platform title, New Super Mario Bros. 2, which early indications suggest had shifted an extraordinary 430,000 units in its first two days.