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MAILBOX: 'Why the Nintendo Land hate? It's a neat concept!'

CVG reader Steve Jackson thinks the backlash to Nintendo's E3 showing was unfair...

In last week's mailbox Stuart Shelley got in touch to express his concerns over the free-to-play model. This week we've got Steve Jackson, who reckons Nintendo Land will be a winner.

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I wanted to get in touch as I'm guessing the backlash to E3 was - and this is understating things somewhat- mildly hysterical. So I'm going to step in as the voice of reason.

OK, Nintendo didn't have a great E3, but it's nowhere near as bad as some people are making out. Firstly, why the Nintendo Land hate? Seemed to me it's a cracking concept, developed by some of Ninty's finest minds. How could it fail?

As for the lack of first-party mega-smashes, do you honestly think Nintendo aren't beavering away on them in their Kyoto nuclear bunker? How mad are you? Trust in Iwata and Miyamoto, this time next year we'll be saying we've never had it so good...

Nintendo Gamer says: We'd be fibbing if we weren't a mite - OK, quite a bit - underwhelmed by Nintendo's E3, especially at first. But, after a sit-down and a cry we realised this: the truth lies somewhere in between this polarised bundle of views. In the main, we agree with Steve; of course Ninty won't be forgetting about their core franchises. Of course they're in development, and hopefully a fair ways along. Yet we can't help but feel this was a chance to sell Wii U like never before while the opposition floundered, and in the end everyone left Ninty's E3 conference just a bit more bemused than when they came in. Doh.

CVG's Tamoor says: Let's be real, Nintendo's first unveiling of the Wii U was a bit of a botched job. Many people didn't have a clue what it was, what it could do, or why they should want it. E3 2012 was Nintendo's second attempt at wowing people with its new console and in my opinion it just didn't do a very good job.

Sure, the Japanese powerhouse is probably developing a new Metroid, Mario and Zelda back in the labs, but with expectations as high as they were and so much on the line it needed to bring out its big guns at E3. Instead it showed off Nintendo Land, which - admittedly - looks like it could be fun, but not exactly the killer app we were after.

I think most would have been happy with a logo, but we didn't even get that.