UK: 3DS XL reportedly sold under 10,000 units on day 1

New portable helped drive an 11 percent jump in weekly 3DS software sales

Opening day UK 3DS XL sales reportedly came in at a little under 10,000 units.


Chart-Track doesn't give out hardware data, but according to an unverified report the new console outsold the regular 3DS with ease last week despite launching on Saturday, July 28, which was the last day of the retail monitor's tracking period.

"XL shifted a figure a little shy of five figures, outselling the original 3DS (whose total is based on seven days' data) by a factor of just over 2:1," the report claims. "At the same time, old 3DS was down slightly on its previous week.

"As for software, sales were up 11 percent for the week overall (following a 31 percent leap the previous week, probably inspired by the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3D)," it adds.

In comparison, Nintendo sold 200,000 3DS XL units in Japan during the handheld's first two days of availability.

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