Daily Digest: 5 other dream console launches

Japan loves the Nintendo 3DS XL! In the two days since the bigger, better handheld was launched Nintendo has sold close to 200,000 units. No doubt debuting alongside New Super Mario Bros. 2 helped.

Taking a look back at how other successful consoles performed around launch, here's a list of five of the most successful.

Nintendo Wii


The Wii's eventual success was understandably uncertain prior to launch. Rebranding the hardware as the 'Nintendo Wii' instead of sticking with codename 'Revolution' and ditching the traditional controller in favour of a motion enabled remote had more than a few pundits scratching their heads.

Despite Nintendo's obvious efforts to court the casual, its loyal fans showed up in full force to buy one on the day of release. The Wii shipped about 600,000 units in North America in its first eight days on sale, approximately 400,000 in Japan in a single day and 105,000 in UK in two days. The console was so popular that there were reports of delays for almost two years after the launch.

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