Star Wars The Old Republic sinks to less than 1m subscribers

EA admits decline is 'not good enough'; Free-to-play options extended

Electronic Arts has revealed its Star Wars MMO currently draws in less than one million active subscribers, the publisher has said.


The figure, announced during an earnings call today, represents a new low for the BioWare-built MMO.

Star Wars: the Old Republic accumulated about 1.7 million active subscribers when it launched in December 2011. By February, that figure fell to 1.3 million, with the latest figures suggesting the decline continues despite some portion of the game now free-to-play.

Speaking during an investor call, an Electronic Arts representative claimed that the game needed 500,000 paying subscribers to break even.

However, he said the continued declines were "not good enough".

Electronic Arts said it is now introducing a two-tier pricing plan, which goes into effect in November, where players can play The Old Republic for free up until level 50.

Premium players, who pay a monthly subscription, will have in-game currency delivered to them each month. Free-to-play players, meanwhile will have the option to buy items.