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Borderlands 2 won't be censored but has a 'Gore Toggle' feature

Enemies set to "explode into bloody chunks of awesomeness" worldwide

Unlike its predecessor, Borderlands 2 will release uncut, meaning even Australian and German players will be able to experience it in all its gory glory.


"We're happy to announce that Borderlands 2 will be uncut all over the world," Gearbox said on its official blog. "Some fans will remember that the first Borderlands game was a bit toned down in certain territories compared to the rest of the world. No longer!

"Do you live in Germany? Australia? Bandits will be just as likely to explode into bloody chunks of awesomeness as they will be in Canada or England (which is to say: very likely.)"

For those not keen on seeing their enemies explode into a shower of blood and guts, Gearbox has kindly implemented a 'Gore Toggle' option: "With a single button press, you can turn Borderlands a less violent experience!"

Last week the studio announced work on the FPS/RPG hybird is finished. Gearbox is now turning its attentions to producing Borderlands 2 DLC, the first of which has been revealed as a new character called the 'Mechromancer'.

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