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Minecraft creator: Windows 8 could hurt indies if platform isn't open

Microsoft's next operating system comes under further scrutiny

Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, has echoed recent criticisms and concerns regarding Microsoft's next PC operating system, Windows 8.


Discussing the matter in an interview with the Reddit community, Persson said: "If Microsoft decides to lock down Windows 8, it would be very, very bad for Indie games and competition in general".

"If we can keep open platforms around, there's going to be a lot of very interesting games in ten years, mixed in with the huge AAA games that we all love," he added.

Persson's comments come in the wake of well-publicised criticisms of Windows 8.

In July, Valve company president Gabe Newell branded Windows 8 a catastrophe; an echo viewed by Blizzard executive Rob Pardo who said Windows 8 "is not awesome for Blizzard either".

Microsoft has declined to comment.

Discussion on the value of Windows 8 had hitherto been relatively quiet among games designers.

It appears that Newell opened the debate by suggesting that Microsoft will want to have more control over various applications and purchases made through its next operating system. The full details have not yet been announced by Microsoft.

"There's a strong temptation to close the platform," Newell said, "because they look at what they can accomplish when they limit the competitors' access to the platform, and they say, 'That's really exciting.'"

This appears to reference to the Windows Store in the Microsoft operating system, which could restrict companies' options to sell their software directly. Microsoft will take a 30 per cent royalty cut of every sale made through this store.

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