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Minecraft 2: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

How do you make a sequel to Minecraft? In terms of concept and execution it's as close to perfect as it gets. It would be like trying to improve Lego, and we all know that's not possible.

Despite the seeming incomprehensibility of Minecraft 2, Notch and the gang have said the studio will "probably do Minecraft 2", just not until it's wrapped up work on Scrolls.

While Notch and co. toil away on their next game, we've spent some time thinking about Minecraft 2 and come up with a few things we'd like to see in the sequel. These are based on our own selfish desires and we're sure you've got some ideas too, feel free to let us know what you want in the comments below.

The New Old School

Close Close

Minecraft's lo-fi visual style is a large part of what makes the game so charming. But we very quickly found ourselves diving headfirst into the bottomless pit of mods in search of something to give it a current-gen visual sheen. We love the blocky, retro art direction but would like to see the second game given a coat of high-definition paint. For those unable to make the two mix in their heads - or those claiming it isn't possible - we've included a video of Silicon Studio's 3D Dot Game Hero, a game that's based on classic adventures games like Zelda, has a blocky art-style, and looks absolutely gorgeous on the PS3!

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