US Court dismisses Wii patent lawsuit

Nintendo prevails in one of many legal clashes

Nintendo has announced victory in the latest in line of Wii-related lawsuits.


A US District Court judge has dismissed the patent-infringement lawsuit brought by Copper Innovations Group, which claimed that the Wii console and its controllers infringed on one of its patents (US Patent No. 5,640,152).

The Pittsburgh judge granted summary judgment in Nintendo's favor and ruled that there was no need for a jury trial. A Nintendo spokesperson said they were "very pleased with the court's decision".

Nintendo is sued for its wildly popular Wii motion tech so much it must have become part of the staff's normal daily routine; wake up, eat breakfast, get sued.

In September 2011 alone, Nintendo was twice dragged into litigation; once by technology firm ThinkOptic, and then again by electronics company UltimatePointer, both claiming to own patents being infringed by the Wii Remote.

Who'll be next? Reggie's body, we expect, is more than ready.