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2K boss: 'Until games are photorealistic, it'll be very hard to open up to new genres'

Real-life graphics necessary for video game evolution

2K boss Christoph Hartmann says developers go back to shooter games because they are a safer bet, as video games can't portray emotions the same way that movies can.


There's been no shortage lately of opinions from game industry professionals on what the future of gaming needs to do to evolve. Christoph Hartmann, boss of 2K Games believes real-life graphics is a necessary goal for games.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International Hartmann laments that the film industry is still holding an advantage over video games because movie directors are able to express strong emotions, where video games can't.

It is for this reason that Hartmann believes many developers fall back to the "safer bet" of action and shooter games.

Hartmann says it's easy to "recreate a Mission Impossible experience in gaming...recreating emotions in Brokeback Mountain are going to be tough."Hartmann goes on to say that "until games are photo-realistic, it'll be very hard to open up to new genres. We can really only focus on action and shooter titles; those are suitable for consoles now."

According to Hartmann including strong emotions such as sadness or love, "things that drive movies" is too hard to recreate in games at this time. He concludes with his belief that, "to dramatically change the industry to where we can insert a whole range of emotions, I feel it will only happen when we reach the point that games are photorealistic; then we will have reached an endpoint and that might be the final console."

Do you agree? Are more realistic graphics integral to recreating deep emotions in games?