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PlayStation sales decline across consoles, handhelds and games

Company posts operating loss of $45 million; PS Vita sales not specified

Sony sold fewer home consoles, handhelds and games in the most recent financial quarter than it managed in the same period in 2011.


The company said it shifted a combined 2.8 million PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 units into retail during the three month period ending in June - a result which is down from the 3.2 million units sold in the same period last year.

The PS Vita and PSP, meanwhile, sold a combined 1.4 million units during the quarter, marking another decline from the 1.8 million units sold last year.

The specific sales performance of the PS Vita was not made clear.

Games sales also fell; down by seven million units across home consoles, and down by about one million units across handhelds.

The softened demand had resulted in Sony's game division posted an operating loss of $45 million.

Sony is planning to stimulate future hardware sales with its new PlayStation 3 'Super Slim' unit.