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Grand Theft Auto 5 viral marketing kicks off

Take-Two website for religious cult the Epsilon Program takes aim at Scientology

Take-Two didn't give us an update on a Grand Theft Auto 5 release date during its first quarter earnings call earlier this week, but it does appear to have launched a viral marketing campaign for Rockstar's upcoming game.


Updates to a Take-Two owned website for the Epsilon Program - a fictional religious cult across a number of GTA games - and a related Twitter account have kicked off in the past week.

"The cult first emerged as a teaser site for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and [was] later referenced numerous times on radio stations and by pedestrians in the game itself," according to the GTA Wikia.

"The cult is an obvious scam, intended to gain money by brainwashing its followers into paying large sums of money, parodying the real life Church of Scientology."

The website features testimonials from fictional Epsilon Program members based in the likes of San Andreas, San Fierro, Liberty City. The religion's main deity is Kifflom. His 12 tenets include:

The world is 157 years old - FACT!

Sperm does not exist - it is a lie spread by biology teachers - along with everything else you have ever been told - FACT!

People who believe in something live much longer than atheists, and they have eternal life thrown in for good measure - FACT!

If you believe this and turn you hands and wallet over to EPSILONISM, you'll live a happy life. Otherwise you are doomed - FACT!

Rockstar won't be attending this month's Gamescom conference to showcase GTA 5, the event's organising body Koelnmesse has told CVG.

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