Sony 'would love Vita to be selling more'

"I think we haven't quite hit the spot with the killer software just yet," says PlayStation UK boss

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has admitted he'd love to see stronger Vita sales.


The PlayStation executive told MCV he hopes upcoming Vita entries in major first and third party franchises will be system sellers.

"We would love it to be selling more and we intend to make it sell more and help it sell a lot more," he said.

"I think we haven't quite hit the spot with the killer software just yet and I have every reason to think that will happen in the next few months.

"The key thing for the rest of the year is the key software drive for the console so as we look towards September, LittleBigPlanet, that really is taking the concept on another level because of the Vita functionality.

"And of course the other key big third party IPs - Call of Duty, FIFA, Assassin's Creed - will do tremendous things for the Vita. So it's our job now to take that strength of software and give people more reasons to buy."

Combined Vita and PSP sales totalled 1.4 million units during the financial quarter ended June 30, 2012, down from 1.8 million PSP units sold during the same period a year earlier.

A drop in hardware and software sales saw Sony's game segment swing from an operating profit of 4.1 billion yen (£33.6m) in the first quarter of last year to an operating loss of 3.5 billion yen (£28.7m).

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