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World of Warcraft dips to 9.1 million subscribers

Sheds over 1 million users in three months

World of Warcraft has lost another 1 million users in the past quarter, Activision confirmed today.


The publisher announced that the still-leading MMO is now servicing 9.1 million subscribers - over a million fewer than the 10.2 million it had at the end of the previous quarter.

Subscriber numbers looked to have stabilised by the end of the previous quarter, with Activision reporting the same number of subs as of the end of March 2012 as it did for the quarter ending December 31 2011.

But user numbers once again appear to be in steep decline - fortunes that the firm will be hoping to turn around with the September 25 release of the game's latest major expansion pack, Mists of Pandaria.

Activision notes that World of Warcraft remains the "number-one subscription-based MMORPG" available.