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CVG Classics: SNES imports and £500 Neo Geo conundrums

Issue 128, August 1992: "Beat 'Em Up Special!"

Welcome again to our weekly delve into CVG's tree-murdering past, when 'screenshots' actually did involve taking a shot of a screen and content was accessed by "turning pages".


Since last week's CVG Classics instalment we've moved forward a year to 1992, when the 16-bit console war really kicked off and CVG mag redesigned to accommodate giant, widescreen pages that are very difficult to fit into a scanner (I don't think they had this article in mind at the time).

As always, If there's anything in particular not featured here that you'd like to see featured in future CVG Classic updates, please do let us know in the comments.

Right: Issue 128's Final Fight cover art again mixes a magazine-selling combo of BDSM, breasticles and sunbed ultra-tan.


BREAKING NEWS: Master System Dead Zone!

This month the CVG team moved to assure Master System owners that despite the aging system being flopped into the bin Stateside by the emergence of the superior Mega Drive and Super NES, everything's OK in the UK.

"The CES show was a Master System dead zone," it said. "In the US the machine has been declared history and no more software is being released for it. Does that mean disaster for the UK? No, not at all. There are plenty of new games scheduled for release in Europe, including Tom and Jerry, Sonic II, Batman Returns, Lemmings, Tazmania, Mickey Mouse II and Streets of Rage. So don't worry - be happy!"

Weren't you glad you didn't sell your Master System?

Elsewhere among the headlines is news out of Japan of a Mario-themed racing game ("It's a split-screen racing game like F-Zero") and the sad departure of illustrious dep ed (and eventual Halo overlord) Frank O'Connor, who's described as "heading off to raise the dead somewhere North of Farringdon Lane."

CHARTS FROM THE PAST: CVG's Hall of Fame 1992

No official UK charts were published in this issue. Instead, the CVG team collated a list of the best titles in each genre worth owning. Try and argue with this lot....

  • Puzzle: Tetris (Nintendo) - Gameboy
  • Beat 'em up: Street Fighter II (Capcom) - SNES
  • Strategy: Hunter (Activision) - Amiga
  • Platform: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo) - NES
  • Shoot 'em up: Contra Spirit (Konami) - SNES
  • Driving: F1 Grand Prix (Microprose) - Amiga, ST, PC
  • Sim: Jetfighter 2 (US Gold) - PC
  • Arcade: Street Fighter '92 (Capcom)
  • Sports: Kick Off 2 (Amiga) - Master System, Game Gear, Gameboy

RETRO REVIEW: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


OLD SCHOOL ISSUES: 'Should I spend £500 on a Neo Geo and Atari Lynx?'

James Robi from Cardiff needs to make a purchase decision: "Now I've got 500 quid for a console I don't know which one to spend it on. The Mega CD and Mega Drive or Neo Geo? So will you please consider the following questions?

"1. I heard that the Mega CD is a 16-bit processor and will work with the Mega Drive's own, which makes a total of 32-bit. Is this true?

"2. The Neo Geo is only 24-bit (no it isn't - CVG). Does this mean the Mega Drive and Mega CD are better? 3. If I have dosh left I would be buying a handheld. Which do you think I should buy? The Game Gear or Atari Lynx?

"4. Is it worth buying the JVC Wondermega or the Mega Drive and Mega CD separately? 5. Which do you think I should get? Mega CD and Mega Drive or Neo Geo?"

CVG's response: "1. Have you been drinking the Domestos again? 2. Or just eating too much Vaporub? 3. Whichever takes your fancy, old boy. 4. Depends whether you're a sad man. 5. Why not have loads of money and get the lot, just like me?"



Girls! Hogan! Import SNES games! We're not sure if this UK-built Nintendo adaptor is entirely legal, but at £69.95 with a game you'd be barmy not to get your American Populous going.