Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion: Taking the Mickey out of 3D

The spiritual successor to Mr Mouse's Sega Mega Drive glory days

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While the core platforming is based on Castle Of Illusion, this would be a pretty poor Epic Mickey game if it didn't incorporate a magical paintbrush as well. The brush used in Power actually goes beyond the Wii one in some respects, thanks to the canvas-like qualities of the touch-screen.


For instance, your talent as an artist now matters, at least slightly - well-drawn objects will perform better than poorly or 'interestingly' sketched ones, so this probably isn't the place to indulge your passion for cubism.

After using paint to add items to the environment - or thinner to remove them - you'll see your creations change from 2D to 3D before your eyes. It sounds nifty, and we're looking forward to seeing it in action.


The 3D aside, this has the potential to be a quality sidescrolling platformer - a genre that appears to be back with a vengeance. We used to lament the 2D handheld tie-in, but Dreamrift's hands are far more capable than most. We'll know for certain at the end of the year - which gives us plenty of time to master our drawing skills.

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