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Soul Calibur 5 shifts 1.4m worldwide

Latest Namco Bandai blockbuster falls short of predecessor

Global cumulative sales of Soul Calibur 5 has hit the 1.4 million mark, publisher Namco Bandai has said.


Its predecessor, Soul Calibur IV managed to sell 2.3 million units into retail after about nine months, though the bulk first two million was shipped to retail during the game's first week.

By comparison, Soul Calibur 5 sold 1.38 million units into retail within five months, though again the majority comes in the game's first week. It is not likely that the sales figure will climb significantly.

Namco Bandai disclosed the sales figures within its Q1 financial results, which showed that overall the publisher made a £26.3 million net profit for the three month period between April and June.

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