The 20 killer PSN games you can play right now

And they're all less than £11...

Myth #1: games are expensive. Sure, the ones you buy in boxes are, but the ones you can buy right now via PSN, aren't. Myth #2: PSN games are all throw-away retro nonsense. Sure, some are HD remakes, but most are full games; games you'll play longer than many of their boxed cousins. So, here are the 20 best games on PSN.


1.WipEout HD

Developer Sony Liverpool / Released Sep 2008 / Size 738MB / Price £6.49 / What is it? Tecno-coloured, ultra-quick futuristic racer
One of the few PS3 games to run at 1080p (and in 3D), WipEout is as astoundingly gorgeous as it is devastatingly fast when you zip around its futuristic tracks. The pounding house soundtrack marries perfectly with the sleek, bright look to create a brilliant, other-worldy racer that's without equal on PS3.

2. Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

Developer Telltale / Released Apr 2010 / Size Varies / Price Free (1st episode) / What is it? Comedy point-and-click adventure
Before PSN, the point-and-click was all but dead. Now, thanks to quirky delights like The Devil's Playhouse (and other Telltale treats) the genre is alive and well. This is the pick of the bunch.

3. Stacking

Developer Double Fine / Released Feb 2011 / Size 993MB / Price £8.99 / What is it? Puzzle adventure with charm and gags
As a small Russian doll chimney sweep, you climb into larger dolls to solve puzzles and reunite his family. Victoriana art style and a sense of humour that's never above cracking a fart gag make this a PSN treasure.


4. PixelJunk Shooter 2

Developer Q-Games / Released Sep 2010 / Size 144MB / Price £6.49 / What is it? Innerspace shoot-'em-up with puzzles
Here you play as a ship that's been swallowed by a giant space beast. Your job is to find and rescue survivors by shooting holes in each level and diverting various liquids inside the beast's body. Mmmm, bilious.

5. Limbo

Developer Playdead / Released Jul 2011 / Size 117MB / Price £9.99 / What is it? Stylish, dark adventure with arty visuals
Limbo is only hard because it wants you to improve. It's all about getting a silhouetted boy from the start of each level to the end, avoiding lethal traps and hazards as you go. Except avoiding them is tough. So you die, you quick restart, and you improve.

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