Metal Gears Solid 4 trophies list revealed, coming 'early august'

Find out what kind of Trophies you'll get after a four-year wait

Sony has narrowed down the Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy support update release to 'the beginning of August'.


We know - August has officially 'begun', but that's as specific as producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana was willing to get (an improvement on the even less specific 'August' ETA offered previously).

Matsuhana went on to offer a list of Trophies included in the update - its unclear if it's a full or partial list, but seeing as there are only 20, we're hoping it's a partial list.

One trophy, however, is for killing a load of people and then puking, and there are others involving plenty of wacky activities, so it'll be fun getting them regardless.

Get the trophy list over on the US PS Blog.