Final Fantasy VII released early, but not playable

The PC re-release of FF VII gets an early release, only to be promptly pulled from site

The re-release of Final Fantasy VII on PC was given an early release over the weekend, but was quickly pulled due to failing license activation through SecuROM DRM.


Final Fantasy VII was originally released in 1997, and was set for a re-release on PC in 2012. Over the weekend, FF VII went live on the SquareEnix website for $12.70. It didn't last long though.

FF VII was promptly pulled from the website a few hours later and replaced once again with the 'coming soon' message. According to posts on the SquareEnix forum, the game's SecuROM DRM failed to authenticate the purchase automatically, and manually putting in the serial number also failed to work.

An official statement has not been given by SquareEnix, but it seems the game was made live in error before it was ready for release. An official launch date for FF VII has still yet to be confirmed.