There will be no multiplayer beta for Assassin's Creed III

...Despite success for Revelations and Brotherhood

Ubisoft Annecy Multiplayer game director Damien Kieken has announced that Assasson's Creed III will not hold a beta for multiplayer.


In an interview with Xboxgamezone, Damien Kieken explained the reason why fans will not be getting a multiplayer beta for Assassin's Creed III.

Kieken says that ideally "a [mulitplayer beta] is something we want to do every year because we get community feedback that helps us tune the game. It is also a good reward for the community that has followed us from the beginning."

So why isn't there going to be a beta for AC III? The answer is simple as Kieken explains, "doing a beta takes a lot of time; we'd need to polish a version, submit it to the platform holders and support it when it's out. And all the time put into the beta doesn't go into the final game. Because we wanted to push so many things into the game, we took the hard decision to favor the final game content instead of doing a beta and we believe it will be favorable in the end."

As well as explaining why there will be no multiplayer beta, Kieken reveals that the team has been working on the AC III multiplayer since the end of Revelations, and the studio has "had growing support from Ubisoft Bucharest since Brotherhood and Ubisoft Shanghai since Revelations. Bucharest help us on some feature development and map building, while Shanghai aid us with some of the multiplayer characters."

Kieken also detailed some new features in the AC III multiplayer, including a third ability slot "dedicated to ranged abilities," and the inclusion of Wolfpack (player Vs AI) which is the team's "way of answering the community demand for a coop experience in an Assassin's Creed game."

Ubisoft have confirmed there will be a dedicated multiplayer support team post-launch, and Keiken confirms there are "already planned post-launch events for the community."