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Konami to move EU headquarters to UK

Relocation to 'ensure each territory can provide a more localised service'

Konami is set to form a new EU headquarters in the UK, relocating from its original base in Germany.


The move will take place at the start of Konami's next financial year in April 2013, reports MCV, and will see the publisher's four local offices in France, Germany, Spain and the UK retain their regional roles.

The company says the decision is part of a significant overhaul of its EU operations, which sees Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH merge with Konami Digital Entertainment B.V.

Konami says the move is to help ensure 'each territory can provide a more localised service', and it will still have a significant presence in Germany.

Last month Konami announced it's to open a Pro Evolution Soccer studio in the UK.

"These are changes to match a very exciting and challenging time for video game publishers," said Konami's Digital Entertainment GmbH President Shinji Hirano.

"We want to show our commitment to the consumers in each territory by establishing close relationships that deliver what they particularly want and need, and to create rapport between us that benefits both sides."